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change programme planning

10 Top Tips to kick start your change programme

When we work with organisations trying to make improvements in the performance of their field operations, we regularly see programmes of work that start to fail at the early stages or are already failing by the time we get involved. Of course, projects or programmes that require some form of change within an organisation, are […]

Not Fade Away: life after the programme

Not Fade Away: Life after the programme.Why I think organisations with a large fieldforce struggle to truly transform and achieve results

So, perfect scenario, the transformation programme completes, we have achieved our milestones, everyone involved celebrates a job well done, and we get on with the day job. In reality, what happens too often is that people work hard when the pressure is on, then over time, we revert to shortcuts (‘old ways of working’).  Furthermore, […]


Why your mobile strategy’s key focus should be on your customers

I recently read an article in Field Technologies magazine by Ali Pinder talking about the future of mobility in 2017. Ali stated that when developing a mobile strategy, you should ensure that your customers are the primary stakeholders in your roadmap. Reading the article made me take a step back, and the more I thought […]

customer service failings

How CEOs are failing the customer by devaluing service

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, customers are becoming more demanding and products less differentiated. The boundary between efficient customer service and the best products is blurred. If you talk to people about what car to buy the topic is often more focused on aftercare service than the actual car. In the case of […]

Scheduling Santa

Scheduling Christmas

Well, it seems we’re scheduling Christmas again, and, of course, a Happy Christmas to you all. At Leadent we wish you all the best for the season and for the New Year. And whilst it’s a time for family, it’s also, for many of our clients, another working day as their field staff work to […]

Building better customer experiences

Building better customer experiences

Difficult conversations A few days ago I wrote a blog entitled – The phone is dead, long live the phone.  That blog was inspired by the simple truth that a colleague’s poor experience of making mobile calls had made her change her behaviour and choose potentially less productive ways to communicate. Since writing that blog […]

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