15 Achievements from 2015 (or ‘What We Do at the Weekend’)

Posted by Laura Mattin on December 18, 2015

Last week we had one of our quarterly ‘Team Days’ where we get everyone in the company off their client projects and into our office – or some other venue – to work on our own business planning, knowledge sharing and development activities.  It’s usually a mixture of work and fun, and an enjoyable opportunity to catch up with colleagues who we may not get to see all that often, with a focus on both reviewing what we’ve done in the recent past and looking to the projects and services that we’re likely to be working on in the near future.  Although it’s hard to tear people away from their projects, we think it’s a really important thing for a consulting business like ours to do.

This time around, as it’s the end of the year, we wanted to reflect on some of the great work we’ve done as a company during 2015, but also to celebrate some fantastic personal successes that our team have had.  Despite some slightly sore heads from our Christmas party the night before, we heard some inspiring stories – some big achievements; some smaller, but equally motivated accomplishments – but all with a common theme, that in some way, they’d improved life for our clients, our staff or other people and organisations around them.

At work, we’re mostly in the business of helping our clients, so we often move on quickly once we know that they are satisfied, and forget to share this information with our colleagues – the Team Day presented a perfect opportunity to do just that.  Amongst other things, we heard about:

1.   A team who had developed a brand new training programme for a client and successfully delivered it in 4 different countries with fantastic feedback from the delegate

2.   Someone who, new to the company, had gone to a client’s site in the first few days and immediately got involved in helping the organisation understand how it could improve its operations

3.   The design and shaping of a £4m+ programme that will transform the client’s workforce operations

4.   A team who had worked day and night to ensure that a client’s workforce management system upgrade went live on time

5.   The £63m pound savings that our Healthcheck service had identified across just a few of our clients in 2015

All pretty impressive….

But it was nothing compared to what our team have been getting up to outside of work!  There were:

6.   Not one, but two, first-time half-marathon completions

7.   A commission to photograph an important public event

8.   Lots of achievements-by-proxy from some of our team members’ children, including raving school reports, creative costumes and exciting new jobs

9.   The completion of weekly ‘Strong Woman’ training

10. The production of some home-grown, home-pressed (and, by the way, very delicious) apple juice

11.  The birth of three Leadent babies (though in two cases it was our consultants’ lovely wives that we really had to thank for this)

12.  Some big ‘life’ decisions made

13.  Participation in a pipe-band competition, with an eye on next year’s World Championships

14.  The completion of two separate, seriously challenging cycling events

15.  The gaining of a personal training and nutrition qualification, with subsequent body and fitness transformations

All in all, it’s been a busy year here at Leadent – of course, we knew that our people were bright and capable, but it was still worthwhile to stop and think about all the great stuff they’ve done this year, both within and alongside their challenging jobs.

We hope you had an equally fun and productive 2015; we’re already looking forward to what achievements 2016 will bring.  In the meantime, everyone at Leadent wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!