Are SAP, OpenText and SharePoint the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Enterprise Information Management?

Posted by Leadent Solutions on March 22, 2013

For utility companies very few things are as important as:

  • Making the right asset management and investment decisions, at optimum cost and minimum risk (we know this as Asset Lifecycle Management)
  • Delivering on your customer service promises (Customer Lifecycle Management)
  • Retaining your people, their knowledge and experience, and keeping them productive (Employee Lifecycle Management)

Perhaps one of the biggest enablers for these critical business drivers is information – putting the right information in the hands of the right people at the right time, and in a way that helps them make the right decisions.

And this is what should be at the heart of Enterprise Information Management (EIM).

In our experience, the trick to making EIM work for your business involves both knowing how to knit the key technical components together, and knowing how to knit it into your business processes to make your people more effective.

So from a technical perspective, we believe that SAP, OpenText and SharePoint can be the holy trinity, the key components to underpin your EIM deployment. And as a utility, you may well have more than one of these already, with perhaps;

  • SAP as your corporate data master
  • OpenText as your document management platform
  • Sharepoint as your collaboration and presentation ‘portal’

That’s the technology bit. But now for the hard bit…. getting the business solution design, the business implementation, and ultimately a robust and enduring adoption of the solution by the business themselves is perhaps the toughest component of an effective EIM strategy and deployment.

Someone has to wield the holy trinity. And that’s where Leadent Solutions can really help.