EDF Energy – Smart Metering

Posted by Rachael Pullen on November 15, 2014

Deploying Smart Meters to help households make informed decisions on their energy use, based on accurate and real-time cost information

TCS had won the tendering process to replace EDF’s fieldforce scheduling system – part of a larger programme underway at EDF, set up to meet the challenges of the UK’s DECC (Department for Energy & climate Change) Smart Meter Programme. This required the wholesale replacement of analogue meters with Smart meters – a huge challenge for both field logistics and supporting systems.

TCS needed an expert partner to provide specific detailed knowledge of the ClickSoftware products chosen, bring their experience to broaden TCS’s experience and to help inform the solution, working with them to deliver the scheduling and mobile solutions to EDF.

“The Leadent Solutions team have been invaluable in providing expert knowledge of the ClickSchedule and ClickMobile products, training and workforce scheduling practices in general in support of our team on the ground at EDF. The team was very knowledgable, flexible and helped engage with ClickSoftware to meet the demands of the complex programme. It was great to have them with us – thay integrated very well with us and became part of our own team.”

– Susanta Sarkar, Smart Meter Programme Manager for TCS at EDF