Environment Agency – Planning & Scheduling

Posted by Laura Mattin on September 16, 2014

Improving the use of data to tackle environmental challenges

The Challenge

The Environment Agency needed to make changes to its working practices as part of the new Environmental Monitoring Service which aimed to improve efficiency and deliver 20% cost savings over two years.  The Environment Agency recognised that in order to meet these targets it needed to invest in new technology to create a sustainable solution.

Our Solution

We supported the Environment Agency by introducing a new field work planning and scheduling system which would enable field workers to collect, analyse and store environmental data more efficiently.  This included rolling out handheld mobile devices to over 170 field employees and migrating data from the previous paper-based systems. We also designed and implemented a bespoke change management programme to ensure that the system was widely and successfully adopted.

The Results  

As a result of adopting the new technologies and working practices, the Environment Agency:

  • Developed lean, standardised and optimised processes
  • Improved resource management
  • Increased field team productivity
  • Benefited from comprehensive reporting and data analysis
  • Improved communication between its field and office-based teams

“Our goal was to create a better environment for people and wildlife in England and Wales, and our ability to meet this goal depends on the quality of the data that we collect and analyse. The new field work planning and scheduling system helps us to give more reliable, objective and trusted advice to the Government, the public and our partners on the state of the environment.”

Deputy Director of Operations