Environment Agency – Optimisation

Posted by Laura Mattin on September 22, 2014

Improving Optimisation

The Environment Agency had recently completed the rollout of ClickSchedule to approx 250 field resources within their regional Environmental Monitoring teams, but did not feel it was really getting the most out of the system, having identified a number of issues with operability of the system in the field.

The Agency urgently required improvements to the system to maximise its effectiveness in the field, to improve its credibility with its field staff and sponsors, and to ensure the Environment Agency realised the value of its investment.

Working in partnership with the Environment Agency, we:

  • Reviewed the ClickSchedule implementation, and operating issues identified by the Environment Agency
  • Identified root causes of the unsatisfactory solution behaviour
  • Developed and agreed a plan to detail and action changes to data and configuration to allow delivery of schedules that achieve far higher levels of acceptability to field staff
  • Identified and delivered changes to process and configuration elements to improve pragmatism in the schedules by factoring in routine tasks like collecting new sample bottles
  • Helped the Environment Agency acquire a far better understanding of ClickSchedule and how to get the most from it, thereby increasing trust in the system for key Environment Agency staff
  • Significantly improved perceptions of the ClickSchedule solution, and what it can deliver; and enabled significant efficiency gains in the scheduling of the Agency’s field staff

“Leadent Solutions helped the Environment Agency by identifying areas of concern with Click Optimiser and new ways of working. Leadent Solutions were instrumental in providing clear guidance and support regarding how Click was optimised. This was done by applying a clear, structured and methodical approach to the work”.

Jon Bilbrough (Senior Adviser, Environmental Systems Group)