Scottish Water – Advanced Scheduling

Posted by Laura Mattin on December 22, 2013

Workforce management expertise to realise benefits and gain buy-in

The Challenge

Scottish Water had rolled out mobile devices and job data capture to field operatives, but the level of process compliance was still too low – staff were disillusioned with the reliability of the smart phones, there was little process standardisation leading to many paper and telephone-base workarounds. As a result, the real benefits had not materialised.  The project objective was to improve process compliance and benefits realisation.

Our Solution

We worked closely with the Programme Manager, providing advice and expertise based on our team’s detailed knowledge of workforce management programmes and technology implementation.  We worked hand-in-hand with Scottish Water’s local managers to develop and deliver a comprehensive package of activities to proactively manage the business change and knowledge transfer required. Our consultants provided guidance on restructuring the programme, ensuring closer alignment between people, process and technology changes.  We helped to build key relationships and secured senior business stakeholders’ involvement in governance and accountability for business change.  We established a performance management focus to drive benefits by changing behaviours and not just enforcing process compliance.

Real Results

By working hand-in-hand with Scottish Water’s local managers we led a user-driven re-implementation of mobile devices, using more rugged and reliable devices to reduce barriers to change.  Key benefits for Scottish Water included:

  • 35% Reduction in paper & telephone processes
  • 18% increase in volume of tasks correctly closed using mobile solution
  • 61% increase in electronic submission of interruption of supply forms
  • Increased the amount of measurable, real-time information upon which key operational decisions are based
  • Improved inventory accuracy and reduced stores administration