Thames Water – Operations Centralisation

Posted by Laura Mattin on September 16, 2011

Centralisation of Planning & Despatch to Optimise Workforce Operations

The Challenge

Thames Water wanted to improve the consistency and efficiency of the way that they planned and delivered work in the field, in order to meet crucial customer service targets. The Water Network Operations planning teams consisted of both employees and contractors from multiple providers.  Thames Water had identified a number of inconsistencies within the planning processes which were contributing to high operational costs.

Thames Water decided to centralise all the Water Network Operations planning activities into two centres of excellence.

The Solution

We supported Thames Water in the design of their solution, providing strategic advice and thought leadership.  Using our unique Transformation Approach, we ensured that people, process and technology were aligned, so as to embed the necessary changes and new ways of working.

Phase 1 of the programme focused on the consolidation of the seven regional offices into the two centres. This include supporting over 300 field and office personnel to define and create a single set of working practices.  Phase 2 focused on the use of technology to improve the flow of information between the office and field-based teams, improving the schedule optimisation tool to increase field team productivity.

The Results

As a result of the programme, Thames Water saved around £2m per annum from improved productivity and efficiency. The programme delivered the centres of excellence that Thames Water had envisaged and provided process standardisation and a performance-oriented business model to drive continuous improvement across their workforce management processes.