Wiltshire Police – Mobile Working

Posted by Laura Mattin on September 18, 2012

Blue light and public services

A blueprint for change

The Challenge

Wiltshire Police sought to dramatically improve both the visibility and productivity of its workforce. The organisation wanted to standardise services, introduce continuous improvement and was looking to implement technology that would free police officers from computers at the station. Wiltshire Police had experimented with a number of different mobile technologies, but had focussed on devices, rather than business processes. They had identified that, on average, 50% of police officers’ time was spent in the police station retrieving or depositing information or writing reports.

Our Solution

Working together with Wiltshire Police we helped to redefine the mobility programme, based on strategic objectives. We undertook an activity analysis focussing on the end-to-end workforce management processes and produced a business case focussing on common policing processes that needed to be mobilised, to enable officers to stay out in the field and remain productive throughout their shift. The business case allowed Wiltshire Police to secure an investment of £2 million from the police authority, and we supported Wiltshire Police to  procure technology solutions which would deliver sustainable change.

The Results

Wiltshire Police has seen real benefits by implementing a holistic and integrated mobility solution. Despite Government funding reductions and a loss of approximately 200 officers, Wiltshire Police is now able to provide more productive policing to the communities it serves. The programme has provided financial savings, as well as streamlining key workforce management processes.

Benefits have included:

  • 20% increase in productivity and visibility
  • 90% of time now spent out of the station
  • Increased customer service levels
  • Real time updates of force information
  • Reduction in back office processes and costs

“The decision to bring in Leadent at the beginning of our mobile information initiative was the best thing we could of done. It really focussed our minds and meant that we introduced mobile information against a sound business case and with a focus that has delivered significant business benefits. We made our mobile information one of the cornerstones of our business strategy and for a modest investment have transformed the way we work.”

Matthew Bennion-Pedley, Director of Resources