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What value on a happy, healthy workforce?

Two news stories with a common theme caught my eye this week – both related to employee health and well-being. Firstly, Panorama’s expose about the experience of a warehouse ‘picker’ at one of Amazon’s enormous storage facilities in South Wales. I guess, like many people, I have often absent-mindedly wondered at the logistical operation that must go […]

We still live in a mobile world

We live in a mobile world. Let’s face it, we’ve always lived in a mobile world. From as far back as when the only work was hunting and gathering, humans have always gone where the food/work is. Only as the work has changed, has the way in which we’ve chosen to make use of available […]

The Challenger Disaster: a lesson in the reality of technology implementation

On the Sunday evenings that I sit down and relax in front of the TV I normally veer towards the couch potato safe – a good old costume drama or a bit of US crime to gently tease or numb the brain, rather than task it. The other Sunday was different. Surfing the channels we […]

Rostering Solutions: Providing a healthier working environment for healthcare

In the modern day NHS staff shortages, tight budgets and increased patient numbers are an all too common occurrence; and one that can create a real headache when it comes to filling shifts. Historically the NHShas turned to filling shifts with bank or agency staff. A short term solution which plugs an immediate gap – but if we […]

Video: a key Business Change Tool

Let’s face it, document and information management (or in fact most IT-related transformations) can be a bit of a dry subject, even if it is essential to improving the way you work as a business. So before you’ve even begun your Business Change engagement activities you’re probably already thinking about how to ‘jazz it up’ […]

Business Change: Champions Vs. Super Users

With projects which deliver IT enabled business change it is often recognised that implementing the new technology, infrastructure or system is not the most difficult part. It is the business change which presents the greater challenge, particularly when introducing different ways of working and new business processes. A key feature of a successful business change […]