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10 Top Tips to kick start your change programme

When we work with organisations trying to make improvements in the performance of their field operations, we regularly see programmes of work that start to fail at the early stages or are already failing by the time we get involved. Of course, projects or programmes that require some form of change within an organisation, are […]

Not Fade Away: life after the programme

Not Fade Away: Life after the programme.Why I think organisations with a large fieldforce struggle to truly transform and achieve results

So, perfect scenario, the transformation programme completes, we have achieved our milestones, everyone involved celebrates a job well done, and we get on with the day job. In reality, what happens too often is that people work hard when the pressure is on, then over time, we revert to shortcuts (‘old ways of working’).  Furthermore, […]

Lose the politics for effective change

Lose the politics: using consultants effectively to bring about organisational change

As consultants, we should help our clients calm the waters, not make devastating waves out of small ripples     I’ve seen change and transformation from all sides; I’ve worked for small companies, a large global organisation and been both customer and supplier/partner side. Something that stands out across all of this, is that some of the […]

Ideas for an Agile Business Case

We often talk about ‘agile’ in terms of technology delivery and many organisations set themselves the goal of becoming more agile in their customer and service delivery.  However, the business cases which are required for investment needed to achieve this are very often completed in a ‘waterfall’ manner. So often, I see clients having to develop […]

smart meter

Smart Meters: Not so smart without behavioural change

The smart meter roll out is well underway with most homes in the UK boasting a new device by 2017 and all homes by 2020. Smart meters can be really useful tools giving customers up-to-date, real time information on their energy use, enabling accurate billing from the energy provider – no more estimated bills (ensuring […]

Asset Iceberg - Second Image

Don’t Freeze Your Assets – Asset Management Part One

Asset management needs a disciplined approach to maximise value and minimise liabilities across a portfolio of assets. A fit-for-purpose asset management strategy should link into an organisation’s strategic objectives. This will include creation or acquisition of appropriate assets in the first place, how best to utilise and support them and the adoption of optimal renewal […]

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