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Lean on us: lessons in operational improvement

Lean, the systematic approach for the elimination of waste within a system or collection of processes, is over 25 years old. Lean and operational improvement principles can achieve significant business benefit and help achieve greater customer focus, ensuring that processes contribute value, improve business performance and productivity. Yet the path to operational excellence isn’t always smooth. In […]


Training People for Successful Change

What’s really required when training people for successful change? My colleague, Alastair, wrote recently about the factors that lead us to reimplement projects, and I’ve written on how to gain engagement from stakeholders. But (and putting the technology to one side for the moment), you could argue that a good implementation boils down to just […]

Taking an integrated approach to work and resource management

The key objective for any field-based operation can be boiled down to a single tenet: Do the right work If you can do the right work, you’re winning. If you can do the right work, at the right time, with the right people, you’re not only winning – you’re leading. The complexity is in understanding your […]

WFM Programmes are still failing

Workforce management programmes are still failing

Workforce management programmes are still failing, what if I told you that… …more than half of our projects are what I would call “rectification work”? I define “rectification work” as a project which has cost the organisation more to re-implement than if they’d gotten things right at the start. This figure really surprised me when I looked at […]

Tube Strike

Industrial action, successful change and democracy

According to Terry Pratchett, democracy is a one man, one vote affair. In his books, in the Discworld, that one man is the Patrician. He has that one vote. (find out more about the Patrician here). In our world, it’s perhaps a bit like being a project or change manager. There’s arguably one vision, but […]

Business Process Sat Nav – Are you taking the scenic route?

The trusty Sat Nav – let’s face it, where would we be these days without a bit of Google Maps, or TomTom right? We all put our trust into that annoying robotic voice and almost mindlessly follow it until we reach our destination. It’s great, especially for me given the fact I could get lost in […]

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