Operational Improvement

Not Fade Away: life after the programme

Not Fade Away: Life after the programme.Why I think organisations with a large fieldforce struggle to truly transform and achieve results

So, perfect scenario, the transformation programme completes, we have achieved our milestones, everyone involved celebrates a job well done, and we get on with the day job. In reality, what happens too often is that people work hard when the pressure is on, then over time, we revert to shortcuts (‘old ways of working’).  Furthermore, […]

customer service failings

How CEOs are failing the customer by devaluing service

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, customers are becoming more demanding and products less differentiated. The boundary between efficient customer service and the best products is blurred. If you talk to people about what car to buy the topic is often more focused on aftercare service than the actual car. In the case of […]

Lean: Head with Logo

Lean on us: lessons in operational improvement

Lean, the systematic approach for the elimination of waste within a system or collection of processes, is over 25 years old. Lean and operational improvement principles can achieve significant business benefit and help achieve greater customer focus, ensuring that processes contribute value, improve business performance and productivity. Yet the path to operational excellence isn’t always smooth. In […]

Vehicle and Fleet Tracking

Integrated Fleet Tracking + Workforce Scheduling = Customer Value?

Integrated Fleet Tracking + Workforce Scheduling = Customer Value? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been speaking with somebody within an organisation’s operations team and been told that they’ve invested in both a fleet tracking & workforce scheduling solution. Now, in and of itself, that’s not very odd, in fact it’s very common.  The thing that […]