change programme planning

10 Top Tips to kick start your change programme

When we work with organisations trying to make improvements in the performance of their field operations, we regularly see programmes of work that start to fail at the early stages or are already failing by the time we get involved. Of course, projects or programmes that require some form of change within an organisation, are […]

smart meter

Smart Meters: Not so smart without behavioural change

The smart meter roll out is well underway with most homes in the UK boasting a new device by 2017 and all homes by 2020. Smart meters can be really useful tools giving customers up-to-date, real time information on their energy use, enabling accurate billing from the energy provider – no more estimated bills (ensuring […]

Scheduling Santa

Scheduling Christmas

Well, it seems we’re scheduling Christmas again, and, of course, a Happy Christmas to you all. At Leadent we wish you all the best for the season and for the New Year. And whilst it’s a time for family, it’s also, for many of our clients, another working day as their field staff work to […]

Capacity Demand Image

Making demand planning less demanding

The case for better workforce demand planning It’s sobering that over half of UK businesses are not confident there will be enough people available in the future with the necessary skills to fill their high-skilled jobs (CBI). Most jobs created in the decade 2012 to 2022 are expected to be high-skilled ones and most firms are […]


Training People for Successful Change

What’s really required when training people for successful change? My colleague, Alastair, wrote recently about the factors that lead us to reimplement projects, and I’ve written on how to gain engagement from stakeholders. But (and putting the technology to one side for the moment), you could argue that a good implementation boils down to just […]

Outcome Delivery Incentives in water companies

Too much work, and not enough resource capacity is a common mantra across all water companies. Inevitably, some work will not get done. So what work should be done (in-house or otherwise)? What should be postponed? What should be canned? Typically low priority routine maintenance work is not completed, but the choices are not always […]

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