Why your mobile strategy’s key focus should be on your customers

I recently read an article in Field Technologies magazine by Ali Pinder talking about the future of mobility in 2017. Ali stated that when developing a mobile strategy, you should ensure that your customers are the primary stakeholders in your roadmap. Reading the article made me take a step back, and the more I thought […]

Ideas for an Agile Business Case

We often talk about ‘agile’ in terms of technology delivery and many organisations set themselves the goal of becoming more agile in their customer and service delivery.  However, the business cases which are required for investment needed to achieve this are very often completed in a ‘waterfall’ manner. So often, I see clients having to develop […]

Who gets value from consultants?

Throughout all my years of consulting, I’ve regularly seen clients and potential clients not getting the most from consultants. There can be many reasons for this, but the first thing to consider is why an organisation might choose to use consultants. Is it to supplement a resource or single skills requirement? Or is it to […]

15 Achievements from 2015 (or ‘What We Do at the Weekend’)

Last week we had one of our quarterly ‘Team Days’ where we get everyone in the company off their client projects and into our office – or some other venue – to work on our own business planning, knowledge sharing and development activities.  It’s usually a mixture of work and fun, and an enjoyable opportunity […]

Building better customer experiences

Building better customer experiences

Difficult conversations A few days ago I wrote a blog entitled – The phone is dead, long live the phone.  That blog was inspired by the simple truth that a colleague’s poor experience of making mobile calls had made her change her behaviour and choose potentially less productive ways to communicate. Since writing that blog […]

The phone is dead, long live the phone

Is this the death of the mobile phone call? Recently at Leadent we’ve been struggling with the apparent deterioration of service with our mobile network provider. Dropped calls, patchy coverage and poor audio quality have driven us to consider changing to a new provider. While trialling the new network my colleague, Laura Mattin, said how […]

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