Building better customer experiences

Building better customer experiences

Difficult conversations A few days ago I wrote a blog entitled – The phone is dead, long live the phone. ¬†That blog was inspired by the simple truth that a colleague’s poor experience of making mobile calls had made her change her behaviour and choose potentially less productive ways to communicate. Since writing that blog […]

The phone is dead, long live the phone

Is this the death of the mobile phone call? Recently at Leadent we’ve been struggling with the apparent deterioration of service with our mobile network provider. Dropped calls, patchy coverage and poor audio quality have driven us to consider changing to a new provider. While trialling the new network my colleague, Laura Mattin, said how […]


Training People for Successful Change

What’s really required when training people for successful change? My colleague, Alastair, wrote recently about the factors that lead us to reimplement projects, and I’ve written on how to gain engagement from stakeholders. But (and putting the technology to one side for the moment), you could argue that a good implementation boils down to just […]