Workforce Scheduling

Scheduling Santa

Scheduling Christmas

Well, it seems we’re scheduling Christmas again, and, of course, a Happy Christmas to you all. At Leadent we wish you all the best for the season and for the New Year. And whilst it’s a time for family, it’s also, for many of our clients, another working day as their field staff work to […]

Vehicle and Fleet Tracking

Integrated Fleet Tracking + Workforce Scheduling = Customer Value?

Integrated Fleet Tracking + Workforce Scheduling = Customer Value? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been speaking with somebody within an organisation’s operations team and been told that they’ve invested in both a fleet tracking & workforce scheduling solution. Now, in and of itself, that’s not very odd, in fact it’s very common.  The thing that […]

Taking an integrated approach to work and resource management

The key objective for any field-based operation can be boiled down to a single tenet: Do the right work If you can do the right work, you’re winning. If you can do the right work, at the right time, with the right people, you’re not only winning – you’re leading. The complexity is in understanding your […]

Are we being smart when we schedule smart meter installs?

There’s no doubt that smart meters are coming of age and going mainstream – from their humble beginnings twenty years ago, to the roll out programmes now envisaged, indeed demanded by the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). They’ve come a long way, and now come complete with the Advanced Meter infrastructure to […]

When is discretion the better part of valour?

Last week, the UK’s DECC (Department for Energy & Climate Change) announced that it would be delaying the roll out of the UK’s Smart Meter Programme by a year. Does this mean the programme is in trouble, or has common sense prevailed? The Smart Meter Programme is undeniably huge by any measure, looking to upgrade the UK’s […]

A bad workman blames his tools – Shift Planning and the Olympics

London is the host city for the 2012 Olympics and with all eyes on the UK critics are wondering what fiasco will happen to create eternal embarrassment. With the issues of India’s commonwealth games fresh in everyone’s minds the whole country has been on tenterhooks, fingers crossed, waiting with baited breath, praying that nothing goes […]