Strategic Consulting
We have our professional roots firmly in Strategic Consulting for operations. With our support, our clients have been able to develop a meaningful strategy that allows them to select the right technology and combine this with real process excellence.
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Programme Management
Programme Management is one of our core competencies. We focus on what our clients want to achieve and we ensure the business benefits are delivered – it’s not just about checking milestones, it’s about real results and real value.
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People & Business Culture Change
If projects fail it’s often because the people element has been neglected, despite the fact that workforce management transformation is primarily about people. Many of our projects have been re-implementations, where we discover that a key part of the programme has been missed and ultimately the benefits of previous business cases have not been realised.
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Business Process Design & Implementation
Poor alignment between business processes can mean efforts to reorganise your business and implement technology are wasted. We understand how important it is to bring a solution to life and put it in the real context of your organisation. Our workforce management process knowledge and expertise has effectively supported our clients with all aspects of process design through to implementation with very successful results.
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Mobile Strategy, Enablement & Implementation
Workforce management and mobility go hand-in-hand. Focusing only on one or the other won’t unlock the real value from your investment. Effective mobile ways of working are core to a successful workforce management transformation programme. Mobile strategy and enablement can, and should, touch every area of your business and not just those that are traditionally considered to be mobile.
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Data Management & Analytics
Businesses are generating more data than ever before and this growth is only set to accelerate. Unless you can transform this data into actionable information to make business decisions, it has no use. Understanding trends in business, asset, customer and people behavior mean you can accurately forecast resource demands, scheduling plans, appointment capacity and so much more.
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