Flowing smoothly –the right approach to Enterprise Content Management

Posted by Leadent Solutions on November 15, 2012

It’s the age old problem: large organisation, masses of data and documentation, and an old intranet system that doesn’t really work. We’ve all heard it before, and more importantly we have all, at some point or another, experienced the frustration of time spent looking for the right information, or been witness to decisions based on old or missing data.

This is where Anglian Water were last year. As the largest water and wastewater company in England and Wales they operate over 1257 water and wastewater treatment works with over 112,000km of pipework across a significant geographical region. They identified that, like many large organisations, in this social media era they needed to invest in a portal that could group together all of their content in a useable fashion providing one single version of the truth. Anglian Water partnered with our Workforce Optimisation experts, to drive the business case forward and to deliver a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System.

There are numerous factors driving businesses like Anglian Water to adopt an ECM solution, including the needs to increase efficiency, reduce operational risk, improve control of information, and reduce the overall cost of information management for the enterprise. ECM applications streamline access to records through keyword and full-text search allowing employees to get to the information they need directly from their desktops in seconds, rather than searching multiple applications or digging through paper records.

A massive undertaking. Maintaining a focus on the business objectives, live system integration and document migration on top of specialist business change.

The approach to delivering such a comprehensive system whilst maintaining business as usual would be key for Anglian Water and the ECM project. The consultants involved needed to be experts not only in change management on a large scale, but also supportive of the client’s vision whilst driving solution vendors to deliver on time and within budget.

Standing out from the crowd in our thinking we delivered the project based on straight talking, honest advice, taking a complex situation and looking beyond the obvious answers to find the ‘art of the possible’ solution. This resulted in an integrated Microsoft SharePoint intranet system with an OpenText Enterprise Content Management System – a European first.

The outcome? Order from the chaos of unstructured data. An interactive portal allowing employees to gain the right information first time. Real business benefits that are measurable in both time and governance, and a possible industry award.

So was approach the real key to the success of this project? Absolutely. By working with the client and key stakeholders across the business, maintaining common sense and straight talking, our consultants were able to engage fully with the business ensuring change occurred smoothly, and in the right way.

A refreshing change – and one that we could do with more of in this industry.