Working with energy utilities over a number of year, we have seen first-hand the rapid changes affecting this sector. Whether in the context of the traditional ‘big six’ or newer entrants to the market, we understand the importance of innovation and improved customer experience, against demands for agility and efficiency. It’s not an easy combination to pull-off, but we believe we can help.

Your challenges

Energy utilities face many challenges, both internally and externally; responding to 24/7 operational demand, complex contracts, different types of operation including emergency response, industry deregulation, increased competition and maintenance of the ageing asset base to name but a few.

Downtime is heavily criticised by both customers and regulators, meaning energy utilities must ensure that they maintain assets and manage crews effectively and proactively. Demands for lower prices and uninterrupted supply mean that field-based operations, and their supporting functions, are all-important.

Issues we typically encounter:

  • Issues relating to the rollout of SMART Metering
  • The mix of planned and reactive work, and the cost of reactive work
  • Below-expectation customer experience
  • Job backlogs
  • Ageing assets
  • Priority work not being done, including maintenance work on critical assets
  • An absence of planning
  • Ineffective work schedules manifesting in idle time for engineers, excessive travel and environmental impacts
  • Reactive and unplanned use of contractor resources
  • Employee disengagement
  • Conflict between the back office and the field
  • Lack of real-time or forward looking performance metrics

How we can help

We believe that field based operations are too pivotal for energy companies to simply sit back and follow the pack; there’s a need to innovate, to realise value from the field, and to make a greater contribution to the company’s goals. To help with that, we’ll bring a different way of thinking, but combine that with an absolute understanding of the drivers of your business and the challenges you face.

It’s no accident that we are able to do this – our consultants have first-hand experience in the energy industry and we’ve worked with enough of the big names to mean that we genuinely know what good looks like.

Our Energy Experience

In recent years we have, for example:

  • Supported EDF with the roll out of their SMART Metering programme
  • Helped British Gas become mobile whilst optimising their work scheduling for field based operations
  • Assisted National Grid to evaluate their need for reengineering business processes relating to shift management

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