Facilities Management

Of all the industries we’ve worked with, it’s been in facilities management that we’ve seen the greatest drive to ‘do more for less’. Effective field service management is critical to remaining competitive and extending the contract base. Having the right approach to service delivery can secure an ability to not only provide, but sustain, real value to customers. But knowing this and achieving it are two separate things. Our unique approach and experience across the service landscape means we can help you face the challenges head-on.

Your challenges

Playing an important role in the efficient execution of business, Facilities Management companies are too often the unsung heroes of the economy. Margins are continually squeezed resulting in staff churn, costly recruitment pipelines and ongoing training expenditure. FM’s importance to the economy is reinforced by the fact that Facilities Management remains a growing service industry.  Sustaining this growth through careful management of delivery and cost through economies of scale, smart process design and investment in staff is key.

The shortage of appropriately skilled personnel offers a particular challenge in this industry where excellence in customer service is of paramount importance. With an emphasis on sustainability and risk management, the challenges of efficiency and cost control continually raise their head. And, as a growing industry, increasing competition continues to threaten the ability to retain and win new contracts.

Issues we typically see are:

  • Complex management of variable and ever-changing shift plans and schedules
  • Reactive and unplanned use of contractor resources
  • Employee absenteeism
  • Cost and performance management within contracts
  • Inefficiencies aggravated by silo working behaviours
  • Extensive overtime used to avoid missing service SLAs and associated financial penalties
  • Inability to forecast demand

How we can help

We believe that to deliver real service excellence, there needs to be a fresh look at how the management of this mobile and churning workforce lends itself to digital transformation. There’s a significant opportunity to change the way that facilities management businesses approach their workforce and service their contracts, but this doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive technology – it may be that your people and process elements can have a greater impact. Whatever your particular concerns, we are confident that we can help you manage this and advise you on better ways of working.

Our Experience

We understand how facilities management work. In recent years we have, for example:

  • Played a leadership role in implementing / embedding the use of ClickSoftware for global staff rostering
  • Provided expert guidance in developing a vision for mobile strategy
  • Assisted the development of process and operating models to centralise planning functions

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