Manned Guarding

It’s tough being a manned guarding company at the moment.  On the one hand security is at the forefront of all of our minds and not a day goes by without a reminder of the threats that we all face in the modern world.  A well implemented strategy for security means safety and business continuity.

Yet, so often security, and in particular, manned guarding is reduced to a commodity. Having a well thought out approach to service delivery means that value can be added to a customer’s operation without adding to the cost of delivery.  It’s therefore important to be able to deliver manned guarding efficiency and effectiveness.

Your challenges

Guarding companies are facing many challenges – downward price pressure, industry consolidation, regulation and increasing customer expectations.  It can be difficult to even structure a profitable deal. Sustaining a business with these challenges is difficult but through careful management of delivery and cost through economies of scale, smart process design and investment in staff, it can be achieved.

Issues we typically encounter

  • Narrowing margins
  • Staff churn
  • Customers expecting ever higher levels of service
  • Increased competition from large, consolidated organisations
  • Product considered a commodity
  • Unreliable and unmotivated workforce

How we can help

We believe that to deliver real service excellence, there needs to be a fresh look at how the management of this mobile and churning workforce lends itself to digital transformation. There’s a significant opportunity to change the way that security businesses approach their workforce and service their contracts, but this doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive technology – it may be that your people and process elements can have significant impact.

We offer our customers services that include:

  • A review of your current workforce management processes in relation to industry best practice
  • Time & Attendance management solutions
  • Suggestions for quick wins and longer term roadmap that will increase your operational efficiency
  • Technology selection support to ensure you choose the best solution for your business
Whatever your particular concerns, we are confident that we can help you manage this and advise you on better ways of working.

Our Experience

We understand how guarding companies work. In recent years we have, for example:

  • Played a leadership role in implementing & embedding global staff rostering for prison guarding
  • Assisted the development of process and operating models to centralise planning functions

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