Public Services

The public services sector presents some unique challenges due to the diverse nature of services delivered. Our expertise has supported organisations across emergency services, non-departmental government and local government bodies, where we’ve led mobile strategy initiatives and driven feasibility studies, amongst delivering many other services always working collaboratively with our clients. We have the flexibility and credentials to support such an industry and its challenges.

Your challenges

Public Services are subject to the now expected and ongoing shortfalls in budget. Traditionally this sector has always been expected to do more with less and this is still true today. Increasing demand on services whilst reducing spend is a familiar mantra. Opportunity exists for efficiency and economy to provide effectiveness in multi-agency working and the delivery of joined up services, but this is easier said than done and offers up many challenges to decision makers.

Public perception, expectation and demand are additional key drivers of the need for change and digital solutions provide the opportunity to re-shape service delivery. This extends way beyond just the use of a smartphone and the purchase of new systems. It needs to be incorporated in the organisation strategy and comes at a cost. It also has a high impact on the workforce.

Customer facing operations, and their supporting functions, are just as important if not more so, in the digital age, which needs to be fully embraced, along with cultural and behavioural change, to enable the optimal level of service.

Issues we typically encounter:

  • Ineffective work schedules reducing time for face to face contact and increasing admin
  • Reactive and unplanned use of contractor resources
  • Employee disenchantment and disengagement
  • Employee fatigue and stress
  • Conflict between the back office and the field
  • Lack of real-time or forward looking performance metrics

How we can help

Our prime focus is on workforce management; for public service organisations, we help ensure that the key business drivers are all met, doing so with a deep understanding of the business processes that deliver agile service operations:

  • Job management
  • Resource management, including insourcing / outsourcing decisions
  • Customer management
  • Planning and logistics
  • Scheduling and deployment
  • Mobile working
  • Information, including performance dashboards
  • Asset management

We are often asked to:

  • Develop a mobile working strategy
  • Transform shift planning and scheduling functions
  • Provide programme assurance around delivery
  • Manage complex change

We, like our colleagues in public service organisations have a desire to do things better and a collaborative culture. We are proud to support the great work done by the UK Public Sector.

Our Experience

We understand how public service operations work. In recent years we have, for example:

  • Played a leadership role in implementing / embedding the use of a scheduling solution (ClickSoftware) at the Environment Agency
  • Worked with Wiltshire Police to deliver a Mobile Strategy
  • Supported Transport for London in feasibility studies for management of the workforce particularly around staff time

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