The Rail industry faces the most challenging time in its history, as part of the largest transformation since Victorian times.  Capacity is stretched due to unprecedented growth in passengers and freight, in an industry where demand has doubled in the last 20 years and is expected to double again in the next 30 years.  Although challenging, rail expansion is seen as underpinning economic growth and development in the UK, so it’s essential to our future success.

Your challenges

Many of the challenges in the rail industry echo those that we see in other passenger transport organisations but are possibly even more pressurised at the current time. Challenges in the rail industry include capacity, operational efficiency, controlling infrastructure and maintenance costs, the sheer number and reach of various transformation programmes, and the usual challenges around revenue growth and managing security.

Issues we typically encounter:

Devolution, alliances, new fleet, cross-industry working including Digital Railway all offer significant advantages. However, skills in people, process and technology are critical to optimise the opportunity. Although customer satisfaction has improved considerably, unrelenting pressure remains to improve overall performance and reliability. Issues include:

  • Increased traffic has led to higher demand, yet reduced windows to maintain and fix
  • Excessive reactive effort, including disruption management, instead of a predict and prevent
  • Failing assets and challenging maintenance demands, including backlog management and prevention or removal of Temporary Speed Restrictions
  • Challenges with adoption of news ways of working and technology, relating to culture and scale of transformation
  • Effective internal and industry-wide stakeholder management
  • Failing processes, often with siloed working, amplifying a need to join up teams, as well as technology and processes
  • Provision of real-time, easy to understand/insightful and accurate data (customers and business)

How we can help

In short, we can help you ensure that you are operating optimally.  ‘Optimally’ is an easy word to throw around, but we genuinely understand how to get there; we have the expertise and skills to help you realise a step-change in your operational performance.  Specifically, we can lead or support:

  • Solutions to optimise your people and fleet resources, to increase efficiency
  • Mobile workforce solution design, build and deployment
  • Developing a business case and realising benefits
  • Supporting changes in asset management strategy to deliver a 21st-century railway
  • Delivering genuine change management and transformation
  • Reviewing and optimising your operational processes
  • Structuring and measuring your approach to programme and project management, to put you back in control
  • Reviewing your data quality and data management reviews

Our Rail Experience

Our team have many years’ experience in the rail sector, train- and freight operating companies to Network Rail, Transport for London and supply chain partners.  We have particular strengths in field-based and workforce strategy and optimisation, as well as looking at cross-company, field and office processes.  Included in this, our particular capability in change and transformation allows us to look at your project or programme holistically.  Our knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and Continuous improvement also fits well with rail industry culture.

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