Passenger Transport

Passenger Transport is an industry where customers are expecting more, whether it be cashless payments or service level improvements, while regulatory and government pressure exert their influence to drive down cost and potentially revenue.  Safety (of passengers, staff and supply chain partners) remains a constant priority, yet the need to innovate and embrace digital opportunities creates an ongoing need to ensure that security threats are managed.

Growing passenger uptake and market share (“bums on seats”), and optimising the balance between capacity and demand will be key requirements for the future that we can help you with.

Your challenges

  • Achieving a balance between capacity and demand (for assets and staff), and thereby increasing utilisation of fleet
  • Managing security (including cyber): digital advances increase opportunity but create a requirement to manage any threat and opportunities
  • Responding to changes in customer travel behaviour and expectations
  • Delivering sustainable transport solutions
  • Providing real-time, easy to understand, insightful and accurate data (to customers and the business)
  • Maximising opportunities for connected transport opportunities, including connected cities, infrastructure, fleet and industry (e.g. Digital Railway), connected services and productivity
  • Managing tightening margins and delivering revenue growth

Issues we typically encounter:

  • Poorly aligned operations: how do we communicate, improve and align operational processes with people and systems to ensure we get it right first time?
  • Problems with managing and fleet and assets, to reduce operating costs
  • A need to deliver more with a fixed asset/infrastructure base, whilst minimising disruption and ensuring safety
  • Difficulties in strengthening margins in an increasingly competitive industry without damaging customer service or satisfaction

How we can help

We understand that it’s hard to deliver more with less, but we have the expertise and skills to help you realise a step-change in your operational performance.  Specifically, we can lead or support:

  • Solutions to optimise your people and fleet resources, to increase efficiency
  • Mobile workforce solution design, build and deployment
  • Developing a business case and realising benefits
  • Support asset management strategy development to accommodate 21st-century challenges
  • Delivering change management and transformation capability, skills and coaching that work
  • Reviewing and optimising your operational processes
  • Structuring and measuring your approach to programme and project management, to put you back in control
  • Reviewing your data quality and Data Management approach for step changes in quality and decision making

We are often asked to:

  • Perform a business and operations healthcheck to objectively identify challenges and prioritise effort in the right areas
  • Align processes across an organisation
  • Implement new systems (back office and field)
  • Provide programme assurance around delivery
  • Manage change

We understand that many people take passenger transport for granted; assume that it will always be there and that it will work, without fully appreciating the considerations that go into providing that service on such a scale.  We’re here to help you get that right and improve your performance.

Our Transport Experience

We have many years’ experience in the passenger transport sector, whether working directly for transport providers, or their key suppliers. This includes work for Transport for London, the London Cycle Hire Scheme, Serco (Dubai Metro), and others.

We have particular strengths in field-based and workforce strategy and optimisation, as well as being brought in to look at cross-company, field and office processes.

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