The telecommunications sector relies heavily on high-value assets in order to deliver services to demanding customers. If these assets experience any downtime, it most often has an immediate and far reaching customer impact. We understand therefore how important it is to telecommunications businesses to install, maintain and repair assets with the upmost quality and efficiency. Our workforce management expertise, gained through leading game-changing transformation initiatives means we can deliver step-changes in customer satisfaction, operation effectiveness and productivity. But that doesn’t mean we are complacent about the ways in which we can support the industry, or its unique challenges.

Your challenges

The telecommunications industry is changing. Margins are constantly eroded on services by disruptive technologies forcing traditional telecoms organisations to evolve. Gone are the days of only selling a single or even double play service; most are emerging as full communications providers of triple and, more recently, quad play – a suite of TV, mobile phone, fixed line and broadband services.

The quad-play market in the UK is relatively new with significant opportunity, but getting customers to sign up for the full suite of services is not without its challenges and costs. However, the potential value of new customer subscriptions means that this is an important focus.

Traditional competition is changing too. Where once a telecommunications company might compete only with other similar organisations, now all kinds of other disruptive companies must be considered – retailers becoming content providers, internet companies providing content platforms. In a quad-play environment there are many other businesses that want your customers.

Margins are increasingly squeezed so striving for first-time-fix on every job is vital in order to keep cost of service to a minimum. More than ever it’s important to ensure the field engineers are equipped with both the tools and information to do the job. There are many factors to consider when optimising the workforce – knowing where your engineers are in real-time, ensuring optimal shift coverage, forecasting demand, providing asset and job history to engineers, ensuring correctly skilled workers attend site and many more. With our holistic approach to workforce transformation we can ensure you address them all.

Issues we typically encounter:

  • Mixed experience of front-line customer service
  • Poor call centre experience
  • Difficult hand-offs between asset owners
  • An absence of planning
  • Ineffective work schedules manifesting in idle time for engineers, excessive travel and environmental impacts
  • Reactive and unplanned use of contractor resources
  • Conflict between the back office and the field
  • Lack of real-time or forward looking performance metrics

How we can help

We help ensure that your customer experience, service provision, environmental responsibility and other business drivers are all met. And we do this with a deep understanding of the business processes that deliver field-based operations in the telecommunications industry:

  • customer service provision
  • asset management
  • engineers empowered with customer information
  • resource management, including insourcing/outsourcing decisions
  • planning and logistics
  • scheduling and deployment
  • mobile working
  • information and analytics, including performance dashboards

We are often asked to:

  • Develop a workforce management strategy
  • Transform planning and scheduling functions
  • Implement new technology (back office and field)
  • Provide programme assurance around delivery
  • Manage change

Imagining life without telecommunications is impossible for all of us. Working within an industry that is so central to modern life is both exciting and challenging. It’s great to know that the work we’re doing can improve the connectedness, safety and enjoyment of so many people.

Our Telecommunications Experience

We understand how field operations work. Many of our consultants have come from telecommunications backgrounds and have implemented mobile workforce optimisation solutions for some of the largest players in the market.

We also believe in helping customers in all of our industry verticals to learn from other industries in order to develop innovative business process, change programmes and technology.


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