Integrated Fleet Tracking + Workforce Scheduling = Customer Value?

Posted by Ross Coundon on October 13, 2015

Vehicle and Fleet Tracking

Integrated Fleet Tracking + Workforce Scheduling = Customer Value?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been speaking with somebody within an organisation’s operations team and been told that they’ve invested in both a fleet tracking & workforce scheduling solution.

Now, in and of itself, that’s not very odd, in fact it’s very common.  The thing that I find odd is that they’re almost never integrated.  They’re thought of as two unrelated systems and never the twain shall meet.

To add insult to injury, many of these organisations are spending a small fortune on working out how they can get location information back from handhelds that are in use by their engineers.

I understand that tracking the vehicle is not the same as tracking the engineer.  However, in lieu of the latter, with the technology already in place already to track the van, it’s usually very straightforward to pass that location information to the scheduling system.

If you are able to track both the vehicle and the engineer in an integrated fashion then you are much better able to provide duty of care and monitor compliance.

If the van that an engineer uses each day changes then to make sure this works you must create and record an association between the van and the engineer but this is simply good practice regardless of the benefits of location.

The leading platforms for both vehicle tracking and scheduling provide powerful APIs for the exchange of information, so why not use them?

If your organisation deals with reactive or indeed, emergency work and you’ve already invested in a vehicle tracking solution, investigate how to get the location data out of that system and into your scheduling system.  For the small cost of a simple integration project you might just have a game changer when it comes to reducing cost and improving customer response times.

Integrated Fleet Tracking + Workforce Scheduling = Higher Customer Value

Integrated Fleet Tracking + Workforce Scheduling = Reduced Operational Cost

Worth investigating?  We think so.