Mobile and the Popular Consciousness

Posted by Ross Coundon on August 15, 2012

Yesterday I caught up with an old university friend who introduced me to a friend of his and we got talking about what each of did for a living. My university friend is a freelance television director who cut his teeth in the profession at the BBC. His friend told me about his work as a stand-up comic/singer in a doom band(no, me neither)/television director/writer depending on what day of the week it is. He had all kinds of interesting stories about his creative career and experiences.

Then, as is polite, I was asked what I did for a living. In these circumstances, especially in a cool creative circle of people the conversation can turn a little flat when I mention I’m an IT or business consultant. Knowing this potential pitfall I decided to introduce myself as a “mobile technology and business consultant”. It’s testament to the ubiquity and popularity of mobile that suddenly I received a barrage of questions about the subject.

“What would a business use an iPhone for?”

“Do companies issue smartphones now? I thought business people only used BlackBerries”

“You use an iPad at work?!”

The subject really piqued their interest and serves to show the level of penetration that mobile technology has achieved so far and how this is driven by the consumer. Creative professions, especially those in the media have been fast to adopt mobile technology. For example, with the many mobile apps that are available, journalists have a powerful yet portable production studio in their pocket that is never subject to power blackouts when working in remote or unstable areas. I am sure that inventive and innovative use of mobile technology will continue to change the way we work and will remain at the forefront of popular consciousness for a long time to come.

Working in this field meant that, for a short moment, I felt pretty cool too…

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