New Roots: My Experience as a Graduate Consultant

Posted by Leadent Solutions on February 21, 2014

Starting any new job is always a little daunting; especially when you’re fresh out of University and having to put theory into practice. I found myself in this position having joined Leadent Solutions as a graduate consultant in January 2012. I found the reality very different to what I had envisaged.

It was difficult at the start to get my head around consultancy, and to tell you the truth I still don’t think I have completely got it, but I approach every day as a learning experience.

“What do you want to do?” – A simple question.

Throughout education you are guided, and to a certain extent are told, what to do. Quite easily you have the freedom to define your path, and with the appropriate support and motivation achieving this is possible.

With natural instinct, I swayed towards a position in programming, having graduated with a computer engineering degree. After a few months of working on some technical programming development with my colleagues, the role I was ‘used to’ didn’t quite suit the role I wanted to progress with any further. The beauty of working here is that you don’t have to stay in your first chosen area, a unique trait in comparison to larger corporate businesses.

Friends who joined similar graduate programmes at the same time with larger consulting firms found themselves on a fixed 2 year programme. This meant they would rotate within four areas of their company every 6 months. I found that at Leadent Solutions they are a more integrated company offering greater freedom to explore your areas of interest.

As a graduate it is common to feel inadequate, after all you are a high risk investment. Having the company invest both time and money through training courses and career development has made me feel like a valuable asset. Working here has developed my project management skills and I have been encouraged and supported to attend external professional training courses. My personal development here has built up my confidence and my professional skills.

I have discovered that a niche consultancy offers team spirit, good working ethics and commitment to its employees. These are important characteristics and ones that I feel every company should follow. As an employee of a niche consultancy firm I can proudly say that every individual here is a highly valued member of the team.

My 5 top tips to becoming a graduate consultant are:

  1. Maintain a level head
  2. Always be willing and flexible to adapt
  3. Exhibit friendly behaviour towards everyone
  4. Provide a positive can do attitude
  5. Take initiative and strive to new challenges