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Why Leadent

You should be able to find lots of information on this website about why working with us is a good idea, but here are the top five reasons why our clients choose Leadent to make a real difference:

  1. Our Way of Working and Our ‘Real’ Philosophy – You’ll see the word ‘real’ used a lot throughout this website and our other communications. It’s no accident. We passionately believe in delivering pragmatic, workable solutions and providing services that work for our clients in their day-to-day reality. We don’t spend time and effort developing theoretical ideas or writing lengthy reports that won’t be of use in the real world. That’s not to say we are not innovative thinkers; we simply focus our energy on finding a way to make the right things happen. We are told time and again by clients that this is what really sets us apart from other consultancies and that it’s one of their top reasons for choosing us.
  2. Our People – Most consultancies will say that their people are their biggest asset, but in our case it’s really true! People are at the heart of what we do – yes, we get involved in projects and technology, but what we are really about is creating lasting, valuable change for companies who need to transform their business operations. For that to happen we need people who really understand our clients’ businesses and who can make change happen, so that’s who we recruit. All of our staff have a unique mix of industry and consulting experience, they are focused on creating success for our clients and, without exception, they are all genuinely nice people to work with.
  3. Expertise & Experience – There are few UK-based organisation that do what we do however, none of them do it the way that we do it. Of course, other companies offer similar services, but none of them are 100%-focused on providing business and technology consultancy services to organisations that have a large, strategically important field force. The chances are that if we are talking to you about planning or implementing a fieldforce or mobility transformation within your organisation, then we’ve done the same thing for a customer before. And we’ve made it successful.
  4. People, Process AND Technology – We are not an HR consultancy. We are not a system integrator. These companies have important roles to play; it’s just not what we do. We really look at the big picture of your organisation. We consider how people, process and technology will work together to transform your fieldforce and mobile operations. We remember to check how all the parts will be affected by the changes you are making, and we make sure that all those elements are aligned towards delivering real business benefits.
  5. The Quality We Deliver – Underpinning everything we do is an absolute determination to provide a high quality service to all our clients. In a service-based world, this is often treated as a given, but we don’t think that gives quality the importance it deserves. Our consultants are uniquely targeted on delivering your results. We work hard to ensure that our clients can always be assured of receiving a service they are delighted with. A few indicators of our quality:
    • We are 100% referenceable
    • We are ISO-9001 certified and have been continuously for the last 5 years
    • We are a corporate member of the Association for Project Management (APM)
    • We have a proprietary methodology that ensures all our engagements are delivered with rigour and consistency
    • We have current working relationships with, amongst others, three of the biggest technology organisations in the world (SAP, IBM, Oracle)

We hope you agree that these are some pretty compelling reasons to think about working with us. But we don’t expect you to be convinced by this list alone. So why not contact us now for a chat about how we can help you with your business challenges.

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