Laurence Cramp

Laurence Cramp

Laurence Cramp - square

Managing Consultant

Laurence has worked in strategy, transformation and change for several years. He has supported a broad range of UK and international clients including some of the leading energy, utilities, telecoms and transport organisations. He’s designed go-to-market strategies for new propositions, implemented cutting edge technology products, analysed and improved business operations and generally helped clients to make things happen. Our clients ask Laurence to help shape new ideas, working closely with complex stakeholder requirements to deliver pragmatic and transformative solutions for their most critical challenges. Laurence loves to be a sounding board to help clients better understand and decide how to move forward and he asks the right questions to make this happen.

Laurence is a man of many talents – he plays league badminton, cycles and is a professional singer. He’ll be taking song requests at the next Leadent social!

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