Your Challenges

Our business is all about your business. Understanding the challenges and issues that you face in providing long-term value to your customers and stakeholders, and in managing your day-to-day operations, is a key aspect of the support that we provide. Of course, we have deep, relevant industry knowledge, but we’re also fully conversant with the business problems you may be facing now, or be concerned about for the future.  Why not with our experts to talk about your business challenges?

“We have work and asset management systems and processes in place, but I can’t help but feel that we are failing to gain all the benefits that we originally expected.”

Our Advice
We have first-hand experience of a wide range of different organisations’ fieldforce operations. We can provide a healthcheck service that will give you an independent view of your systems and processes, and compare these to best-in-class and your industry peers. We can develop an action plan for quick wins and longer-term actions that will improve your performance.

“I know that we need to make what we do more ‘digital friendly’ because it’s what our customers and employees expect, but I don’t know where to start”

Our Advice
Despite being a bit of a buzz-word, there’s little doubt that ‘digital’ – or the information, applications and processes that go with it are changing all aspects of life and business. Of course, your organisation needs to be part of that, and it probably already is to a certain extent. But you also need to make sure that you do it right, that you choose the best projects for you and your customers, and that they will deliver the business benefits you are looking for. We can help you come up with a vision of your organisation’s future and put in place what you need to make it a reality.

“Our customers are becoming increasingly demanding: they expect a level of information, communication and responsiveness that I am not sure we can provide”

Our Advice
Customer service has not traditionally been seen as a major indicator of fieldforce performance, but that is changing. Improved customer engagement is something that we can help your teams think about and work towards in a way that feels relevant in the context of their other priorities. We can help you put the customer at the centre of your workforce management processes.

“Our field-based operations run pretty well at the moment, but we don’t have a clear view of where we are heading and how the future of our operations will look”

Our Advice
Having undertaken many fieldforce transformation projects, we know that organisations have already gone a long way towards achieving benefits and improving their workforce management performance.   However, the world of work is changing along with customers, so what organisations have done in the past may not be relevant or applicable for the future. We can help you review the success you’ve had to date, identify gaps and build a vision of where you want your fieldforce operations to be in the next 5 years. It’s amazing how motivating and transformative this process can be, and it will give you a roadmap for continuous improvement.

“We have implemented a technology solution that aims to transform our mobile and fieldforce operations, but our employees simply aren’t on board with what we are trying to do”

Our Advice
Change management remains possibly the single-most important aspect of any technology implementation or process re-engineering programme. We truly understand and believe in the alignment between people, process and technology which will make your transformation programme a success. We can provide a full range of change management services, from strategy through to implementation that will mean everyone is fully engaged in your programme and its outcomes. We have a proven approach in our Change Readiness Assessment, to understanding where an organisation is and what level of change is required.

“Our processes and systems seem to be working well, but it’s difficult to get the right information that we need to make the important decisions”

Our Advice
Business performance analysis is big news in all parts of the modern organisation, and we understand the measures that you really need to focus on for your field-based operations to make that step-change in performance. Whether it’s managing in-day issues, balancing work/asset and customer priorities or gathering evidence for future changes, we know what you need to look for and how best you can turn your data into information that means something to you and your team.