Leadent Gateway

Enhance Your Oracle Field Service Cloud Experience

Our Leadent Gateway suite complements the OFSC experience, ensuring you get the most from your investment. The flexibility of the suite allows you to select only the solutions you need, to enhance the OFSC features that are most important to your business.

The Leadent Gateway provides secure access to a suite of services, apps and APIs that help businesses get more value from their investment in Oracle Field Service Cloud.


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Where’s My Tech?
Deliver real-time information direct to customers
A web app that allows your business to deliver realtime appointment and technician information direct to customers. It provides the ability to deliver an excellent customer experience at a low monthly cost, while dramatically reducing calls to your contact centre.



Provide quick and easy, self-service appointment scheduling
uBook enables your customers to book and reschedule their appointments via your website. Give your customers the power to organise their own schedule, while reducing contact centre calls and no-shows. It’s all fully integrated with the OFSC Capacity module so you’re safe in the knowledge that the process is managed to your requirements.



Quota Relocate
Intelligently relocate resource according to demand
You need to move your workforce around to cater for changes in demand. Whether it’s for a day, a week, or more, Quota Relocate augments the OFSC capacity calculation by altering the capacity according to your relocation calendar. This means that a technician that has been temporarily moved to a new location will only contribute to that location’s capacity for the me they’re relocated. This ensures you don’t run the risk of overbooking in their home location.


Bundle Assign
Assign large volumes of short duration work
Using smart geospatial algorithms, Bundle Assign groups large numbers of short jobs into appropriately sized bundles, which are then allocated by the routing engine or by manual dispatch. Mobile workers need a fast way to complete these short activities so we built Bundle Assign into OFSC Mobility in a way that dramatically reduces the number of clicks needed to complete a job. This gives an easy and intuitive way for your eld workers to record their progress. Incomplete jobs can easily be ‘re-bundled’ with other outstanding work.


Bundle Analyse
Make smart decisions using analytics
Part of a growing suite of Field Service Analytics tools, Bundle Analyse provides the capability to examine your job distribution and density alongside your engineer coverage to understand where you have too much resource coverage, and where you have too little. This allows you to make smart, informed decisions on recruitment, temporary relocations and even marketing.

We don’t use distance to determine coverage, we use me. Using isochrone analysis to determine how far a resource can travel at various times of the day means you can focus on improving productivity and customer experience.


Drive more value from your OFSC investment

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