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Managing a mobile workforce is complex. You must wage a daily battle to ensure your field staff are deployed effectively and efficiently, that demand is matched to capacity, and that promises to customers and obligations to regulators are kept.  And, of course, this must all be achieved at a sensible cost, whilst the pressures of every-day operations do their best to pull the rug out from under you.

An appreciation of the interplay between planning solutions, scheduling & work execution tools, and the challenges of their use in everyday operation can help you to win that battle. We understand better than anyone the wrinkles that crop up as real world practices are automated and consolidated in the face of ever more sophisticated customer expectations.

Our Operations Healthcheck has helped our clients with all aspects of running a mobile workforce, whether related to the people, the processes or the technologies you maintain.

We can help you to:

  • Conduct a review of your existing work management practices and processes
  • Understand best and innovative practice from your industry and other sectors
  • Identify root causes of issues you may be facing, and propose workable solutions
  • Align your processes to business objectives, engage your team, and ensure solutions align to the outcomes required
  • Minimise risk to operations under regulatory oversight
  • Put customers at the centre of your work management operations

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