Where’s My Tech?

Where’s My Tech?

Where’s My Tech? is our flagship web app that allows your business to deliver real time appointment and technician information direct to customers. It provides the ability to deliver an excellent customer experience at a low monthly cost, while dramatically reducing calls to your contact centre.

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The Next Step in Field Service

Where’s My Tech? allows your customers to see all the essential information about their appointment, including the location of the technician in real-time via their desktop or mobile device. The app plugs into Oracle Field Service Cloud to retrieve appointment and technician data directly. This information is then presented to the end-customer in a user-friendly display with a single click.


  • Reduce the number of contact centre enquiries asking, “Where’s my tech!?”
  • Improve your customer’s experience
  • Lower costs from reduced customer no-shows

Key Features

  • Fully interactive, Google map view of the technician location relative to your customer’s home location
  • Updated in real-time from OFSC data
  • Option to provide the exact or approximate technician location
  • Option to display real-time traffic to proactively inform the customer of reasons for delayed appointments
  • Send the link via a configurable message using the Leadent Gateway SMS, email or your own SMS/Email gateway

Download the brochure

A full list of key features and details of our Where’s My Tech? app can be found in our brochure. Click here to download the brochure.